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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL

Extreme Weather Experience

Extreme Weather Experience (EWE) is a one-of-a-kind company to develop weather education-entertainment (edutainment) through experiential, immersive, interactive, hands-on weather-themed attractions, rides, exhibits, programs and live events.

EWE users will “experience” dangerous weather in a very real, almost frightening way. They will “feel, hear, see, and touch” the weather. Users will quiver from lightning and thunder, shiver to cold and snowy winds, and sweat in a sultry heatwave.

Special effects, animatronics, and the newest cutting-edge, creative technologies, including virtual and augmented reality media platforms will take the user into the weather.

Art, music and live theater will also be a part of the user's experience.

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