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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL

Plumbing Contractors Association - Miami

Our Objectives
1. To gather and disseminate information among its members for the advancement of the Plumbing Industry and promotion of the public health;
2. To foster and encourage the Improvement of the Plumbing Industry materials, and work;
3. To encourage the enactment and enforcement of legislation affecting the Industry in a positive manner;
4. To promote the education and stature of workers in the Plumbing Industry;
5. To promote good will between Plumbing Contractors and other branches of the construction industry, and encourage the observance of the highest and ethical standards in all matters pertaining to the industry.
6. To consider and deal with the problems of management of businesses in the industry, to secure cooperative action in advancing the common purposes of the membership, to foster equity in business usage’s, and to conduct itself with greatest economy and efficiency:
7. To promote safety standards and practices in compliance with governmental agencies for the good of the public and the industry.

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