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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

Dynamic Air Shelters

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The engineers at Dynamic Air Shelters have harnessed the power of air and the strength of fabric to create a feat of innovation. Working closely with our clients, we’ve created quick-deploy, blast-resistant, inflatable structures that are now utilized around the world in a number of applications, from military environments to promotional pop-up tents. Dynamic Air Shelters can be customized to suit any application or industry. The shelters are made of non-rigid fabric, with customizable entryways that don’t cause any loss of structural integrity. Permanent doors can be built to resist blasts and inclement weather, or simply covered with fabric in less threatening environments. The structures also include electrical, lighting, HVAC, flooring options, and more. Dynamic Air Shelters are built to withstand extreme environments. Our blast-resistant shelters deflect and mitigate the effects of a shockwave, and they are fire resistant to international standards. They can also withstand category-3 hurricane winds, and manage excessive snow loads with some simple interior adjustments. In the rare event of a structural failure, the shelter deflates slowly and safely. One of the first deployments of a Dynamic Air Shelter for emergency response occurred when typhoon Haiyan hit Southeast Asia in 2013. Our customer shelter served as a field hospital for over a year, hosting the safe treatment of over 15,000 patients.

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