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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

Scientific Lightning Solutions, LLC

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Scientific Lightning Solutions, LLC (SLS) is the global leader in lightning science, analysis, engineering and protection.  SLS is the primary contractor for all lightning-related needs for the USA’s space program (both NASA and prominent commercial space flight companies).  In addition, SLS works extensively with customers in the power generation, oil & gas, green energy, datacenter, and military/DoD industries.  We apply our comprehensive knowledge of lightning science, protection, and engineering to provide customized solutions for any lightning-related problem.  We offer our customers superior lightning-related products and consulting services. Our products include the Jupiter Transient Monitoring System (TMS), which provides continuous, unattended monitoring and automated reporting of lightning-related and other transient signals, the Jupiter Optical Lightning Surveillance (OLS) system, a site-specific high-speed camera system that detects 100% of lightning strikes and pinpoints the strikes with unprecedented accuracy, and custom electromagnetic sensors and electronics. Our consulting services include Lightning and Transient Monitoring and Expert Analysis, Lightning Forensic Investigations, Lightning Risk Assessments, Lightning Protection & Grounding Inspection/Verification, and Standards+ Lightning Protection System Design. Scientific Lightning Solutions, LLC – We Are The Lightning Experts.

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