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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

RanMarine Technology

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To contribute to the huge challenge of cleaning and monitoring our world’s waters, RanMarine Technology developed the patented WasteShark, specifically designed for in-shore use where waste and unwanted biomass accumulate. Built to be agile in the water: quick enough to cover large areas, small enough to enter hard-to-reach spaces, and responsive enough to be at the operator's total control. It is designed to operate in any climate effectively, allowing customers the ability to perform a once mundane and tedious task with ease and precision. The WasteShark is built with as few moving parts as possible to ensure maximum operational uptime, at the lowest possible maintenance cost. The WasteShark can easily be deployed by one or two operators from quaysides and does not require highly skilled personnel. With a proprietary cartridge basket system capable of collecting 43 gallons of heavy debris or incidental floating trash, the WasteShark can be emptied and redeployed in minutes. Using LiDAR technology, the autonomous WasteShark can “see” obstacles in its path and avoid collisions with passing craft and static objects. The WasteShark can be fitted with sensor probes allowing for real-time data logging with GPS tagging of data points. Sensor measurements include variables such as temperature, depth, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH, nitrogen and toxic algae levels, amongst many others. Data is recorded in real-time and sent to the RanMarine Data portal for further analysis by its users. This unique system is continuously being enhanced as it is just at the beginning of a long development trajectory.

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