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Mar 1 & 2 / 2023

Miami, FL


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Over 1 million people are forced to evacuate their homes due to natural disasters each year. How would you communicate with loved ones in the event of a natural disaster? Would you know where to meet if you were separated and know how to prepare your home to increase its chance of surviving a natural disaster LifeExec is the only application in the world where you can securely store information and communicate during an emergency.

From accidental injury or legacy planning, travel to natural disasters, LifeExec has you covered. Recommended by leading wealth managers, insurance agents, and estate planners, LifeExec allows you to plan ahead for any life event, regardless of circumstance.

LifeExec is the most advanced life management solution with patented online vault & event-based communication system. LifeExec's web application securely sends critical information to trusted contacts during any event. LifeExec ensures that your most important information is available to you and your family members when it matters most.

Upload insurance policies, wills and investments, passwords, and more in LifeExec’s 100% secure data storage in a convenient, one-stop location, protecting you and your family in times of need such as disaster, accident or death.

Security is our #1 priority. LifeExec has the highest level of encryption and patent-pending online storage security. With LifeExec, your important documents are stored safely in the LifeExec vault and available at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime without fear of being compromised.

Let LifeExec help you and your family protect what matters most.

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