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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

HFT Fire and Rescue Technologies and Equipment, LLC

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By far one of the most sophisticated technological breakthroughs in Wildland Fire Service history!  Enjoy Mr. Hoffmann's speaking event on Tuesday at 10:00 AM at Theater #8 []

The world's first-ever Wildland Fire 'TOTAL' Engine Pressure (EP) calculator, in both [iOS - FREE "TestFlight" TRIAL thru April 7, 2022, and versions] and the only [] mechanical calculator created in the 21st century.

Created to significantly simplify the required mathematical processes that every driver/operator is accountable under NFPA 1002 to "produce effective fire streams at the rated flow of the nozzle."

And immediately calculate when to STOP ALL PROGRESSION when the fire apparatus governed maximum (400 PSI) pump pressure is exceeded.  This is the only manner to ensure the SAFETY of your crew!

29 OSHA 1910.156 (C)(1) and (C)(2) are very unforgiving upon enforcement of NFPA 1041 to ensure all firefighters shall always be trained correctly and in a manner never to endanger them.  As a result, the fire service finally has the technology necessary to meet every mandate, and in mere seconds in the field, when and where it truly counts.

Next, learn how to implement the most versatile 'one-size fits EVERY incident' hose load and deployment system at [] ever invented for the safety of your crew.

 And learn the methodology to effectively extend any wildland hose lay from 600' feet an additional 500' feet and 83% further to 1,100' feet and pump water 639' feet higher in HEAD with 56% more effective KNOCK-DOWN at 75 GPM on any 32% grade.

And lastly, consider learning how to to not only save your home but also rely on it as a dependable SAFE refuge upon

Please stop at Booth 649 to learn how to exponentially improve both firefighter and fire-victim SAFETY!


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