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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

Garrett Mckenzie

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Equipment Rental: 36kW to 2MW Portable Power Generators – Towable Diesel Units to Containerized Power Units; Electrical Panels; Automatic Transfer Switches; Power Cables; Transformers; Desiccant Dehumidifiers; Emergency Response Equipment Trailers.

Natural disasters; Emergency Disaster Recovery; Planned and unplanned outages; Backup generator rental; Temporary or short-term power; Supplemental power generation; Construction site power; Entertainment & special events; Mission critical; Logistical planning and Electrical Contractors.

Restoration support with with industry-specific expertise and equipment rentals. Experienced personnel on-site to set up & monitor the equipment rented from us. We strive to be active partners with our customers, not just hardware suppliers. For large loss and areas declared emergencies, our fleet of disaster response units can rapidly deploy with large quantities of power and support equipment.

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