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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

DRC Emergency Services, LLC

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For over 31 years, DRC has provided extensive disaster recovery services, environmental services and civil construction to federal, state, and local governments. As a leader in the recovery industry, our passion is helping communities prepare for the worst while being prepared to deliver a rapid response when necessary, all to facilitate the most efficient recovery possible. Setting new industry standards is what our customers have come to expect; DRC takes pride in our versatility and in our innovative approach to every job. Having successfully completed over $2.5 billion in contracts over the last 31 years alone, DRC employs scores of talented professionals ready to satisfy our client’s needs. We are proven, and we are ready.

The primary mission of our company is to provide a professional, honest, and immediate response to natural and man-made disasters throughout the world. DRC is highly capable in managing all facets of a disaster, particularly because of our extensive experience in communicating with FEMA. Through our experience, we have developed an inherent understanding of how to direct emergency response and recovery.

DRC has provided a plethora of services in response to disaster recovery including, but not limited to:

Debris Management
Marine Debris, Salvage, and Recovery
Vehicle and Vessel Removal and Processing
Technical Assistance and Project Management
Temporary Housing, Workforce Housing and Life Support
Construction and Construction Management
Landfill Management
Civil, Heavy, and Recovery Construction

Oil Spill Response and Mining
Right-of-way maintenance
Beach Restoration
Canal Bank Stabilization
Drainage Improvement Projects
Hazardous Waste Segregation
Environmental Control
Traffic Control
Tree Trimming and Removal
Emergency Supplies and Support

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